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It takes a village-scholarship application essay
When I first tried to think of a single person that has had a great impact on my life, I felt rather selfish because nobody came to mind. I very carefully took a second look at it, thinking of each role model in turn: mother, father, various teachers, church leaders, and more. I analyzed the effect of each person that is traditionally considered to have great impact on a young person's life. Again, I came to the same conclusion that I couldn't single out any one of them.

Instead of trying to over-analyze the effect of one person, or rely on cliché's of how much impact my parents had, I turned to another cliché: "It takes a village to raise a child." This phrase, generally attributed to an African proverb, seems rather fitting for my own case. My parents most certainly did have a huge impact on me. They taught me right and wrong and went a step further. They taught me how to learn and that nothing should ever keep me from living to my potential. But is that not the job of a parent? Various teachers have helped build this message and have pushed to help me achieve great things. Again, no single teacher stands out as the one who had a great impact. In my youth, I had a lot of great friends, and a lot of not-so-great friends, and a lot of people that just came in and out of my life. Each one left a footprint on my soul and had a great impact on who I am. It truly does take a village to raise a child.

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That Much Better-
A few years ago, I wrote "I want to be something to everyone and everything to someone." I still believe this to a lesser extent. While it is not as eloquent, I'd rephrase it to "I want to be a little bit for a lot of people, and a lot for a few people." I still have a lot of choices to make in my career, but every direction that I have thought about taking includes somehow affecting the lives of a lot of people in a rather insignificant way. Besides my love for math, physics and computers, this desire is the drive that keeps me on my path to becoming an engineer. Whether I work for Boeing and watch as the plane with my slightly improved turbine blade flies overhead, or I invent the substitute for television does not matter to me. I just want to help make everybody's life that much better.

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another placeholder-
This time, it has nothing to do with coding. I just want a place to be able to introduce JPsDocs. Actually, the real reason has to do with being able to keep the numbering system regular, but we won't mention that;)

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