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Iraq Letter to the Editor-letter to the editor
I write in response to the letter proclaiming that all the people opposed to war in Iraq are ignorant freshmen. I donít necessarily know that many freshmen, but I know quite a few people who are opposed to war in Iraq.

I have not forgotten the horrible tragedy of September 11, but I donít see any tie between September 11 and the evil regime in Iraq. As for an understanding of the consistency of our military, Iíd say that a real understanding of the fact that our servicemen are husbands and fathers should cause anybody to think twice before sending in troops. Military action should always be a last resort, because military action means sending our own people in to risk their lives.

There is a reason why I stand at attention when I hear the national anthem played. My country has, for better or for worse, my allegiance. As we prepare for a war that I donít fully agree with, I will support my leaders by questioning their actions, and I will support my military in whatever way I can, even up to the point of joining if my service is required.

Jo-Pete Nelson
Flagstaff, Arizona

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